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Sworn English into Portuguese Translation

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Documents in English, translation do be done as prescribed by Brazilian law, this being the only way to make them acceptable in Brazil for any official purposes.


For information on sworn translations in Brazil, please click here.


Ask at the place wherever you will be submitting the sworn translation what are the requirements on the original documents, particularly if ether an Apostille or consular legalization is required. Some information on this issue is available on this page.


Please scan all pages of the documents into JPG or PDF files (at 300 dpi resolution), and pack them together into a zip file, to send them with the form below. Complete the form and send it.


Sworn translation prices are determined by law, and statutory rates apply to the character count on the final - translated - text. Therefore the estimate provided is an approximate cost; it may vary up to +/- 20%. The final charge will be strictly as calculated on the final text character count. This is why it's pointless to have several Brazilian sworn translators bidding against each other. This price is the net amount, not including postage/courier costs to and from the translator, nor possible fees involved in an international funds transfer for payment.

WARNING: I cannot estimate costs from snapshots of the documents taken with a smartphone, usually at 72 dpi. Please SCAN at 300 dots per inch (dpi) resolution.

None, ASAP is good enough
Normal, ASAP without urgency surcharges
Urgent, however only work on business days (50% extra)
Most urgent, work on weekends/holidays if needed (100% extra)
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