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This is a summary of the major video services I provide, in/between Portuguese and English.

Of course there are countless individual situations requiring a specific analysis. Furthermore, depending on the client's core business field, I have no objection to providing only part of the job as required. Video producers and dubbing/subtitling studios usually only ask for translation services; whereas clients outside the video industry prefer to receive the finished video or DVD.

If I am unable to provide any of the required services at for a viable cost, I might refer to other suppliers, or undertake outsourcing for a management fee.

Translation for subtitling

I have been translating for subtitling, and subtitling videos since 2004.

If your company is a video producer, most likely all you'll want is the translation, already broken into subtitles. In this case, I'll need to know how many lines, and how many chars max. per line you want in each subtitle. If you need a cost estimate, the most practical way is to use the form on this page. Some producers also require time-spotting, which I can deliver in any of the formats listed there.

If your company's core business is not video production, I can deliver you the finished subtitled video in any digital format, be it to put on your web site, YouTube, or even a DVD (please read Authoring below). In this case, you may request a cost estimate using the form on this page.

Next below, there are some sample clips from videos that I translated into Portuguese and subtitled.

Video quality here has been significantly degraded to spare bandwidth and load quickly. Those on the second row are being pulled directly from YouTube. Some people get disapponted from these samples, so they want to see what the real thing looks like. To see a screen capture from a DVD that I subtitled, please click here.

Translation for dubbing

I have been translating video for dubbing since 1987. If you are, or have access to a dubbing studio, I'll deliver only the finished script. If, for any reason, you desire that I follow through personally the dubbing process, I can do it, as long as it takes place in São Paulo, Brazil. In this latter case there will be an additional charge.

If you need a dubbing studio, I can refer you to some of my clients, whose work I am familiar with.

Yet if you want to outsource with me the entire dubbing job so you won't have to worry about it, this is possible, however it will increase costs.

Sample clips from dubbed videos that I translated into Portuguese:

Translation for hybrid video

Hybrid is a good solution for many videos, typically documentaries having one narrator and many people making their statements. In this case, the narrator gets dubbed, and the statemets are subtitled.

I can undertake complete hybrid video projects, translating for both dubbing (actually VO) and subtitling, outsourcing narration with professionals, and doing the final subtitling and sound mixing, background and incidental music included.

Subtitles timespotting and burning

Many translators won't go beyond video translation itself. The next step is timespotting the subtitles, i.e. setting when each subtitle should go on and off the screen. I do timespotting for translated subtitles in any pair among English, Portuguese, Italian, French, and Spanish.

Specifically in Italian, French, and Spanish, languages that I don't translate, it is absolutely necessary that the translation has been done and reviewed by professional subtitling translators, as I won't be able to do any corrections or adjustments.

DVD authoring

I can simply record your video on a DVD, for playback using computers or DVD players.

Otherwise, I'm fully prepared to develop interactive DVDs, e.g. with several partial playback options, with intermediate-level menus allowing to presete various presentation sequences of the videos therein. I can also assemble multilingual DVDs, with menu-driven language selection.

One thing not so many people know is that the DVD allows interactivity. In other words, it is able to stop playback automatically on a predetermined spot, awaiting a commend from the presenter. It is also possible to embed PowerPoint-like presentations into a DVD, either interspersed with video or not. I definitely can provide this service.

Video editing

If your video includes screens with titles or labels that need to be translated and replaced, or even added, this is another service I offer.

As a complement to DVD authoring, if you, for instance, have one linear video you want chopped into parts and made interactive, I have many options to do it.

Express estimates

If you need video work, the fastest way to get an estimate is clicking on one of these links, according to your case:

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