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of text, between ENGLISH and PORTUGUESE
(either direction)


Any text to be translated from English into Portuguese (Brazilian) or from Portuguese into English (US), except those intended for professional practitioners in medicine, biology, finance, accounting, or sports.


Please note that translation services involve text only, and does not comprise formatting. When the original text is provided in (Microsoft Word) DOC files, I can preserve the original layout and formatting as long as they are not complex, as a courtesy. Depending on the specific case, desktop publishng (DTP) services may be required. If in doubt, please ask.


If it's about translating electronic files, pack them together in a zip file, to send with the form below. Complete the form, and send it. If the original is in hardcopy, please scan it into a PDF file (300 dpi resolution). If the original is too long (e.g. a book), scan at least some 5 pages that you consider typical into a PDF, and inform the total number of pages. In this latter case, the estimate will be only tentative, subject to confirmation.

EN>PT - from English into Portuguese (BR)
PT>EN - from Portuguese into English (USA)
Top urgency
is complete, i.e. the whole job
is a partial sample (please indicate the total page count)
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