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Desktop Publishing (DTP) Services for Translarors

This page is intended for fellow professional translators who are scared stiff of PDF files, and who work in any language pair among Portuguese, English, Italian, French, and Spanish. I happen to know many who are so.

To explain it better, I translate professionally between English and Portuguese, and I speak Italian, French, and Spanish, however my command of these is not sufficient to translate. Anyway, I manage to "find my way" in these three languages, enough to do DTP with them. On the other hand, I translate into US English and BR Portuguese, so I wouldn't be able to offer professional service into their other variants.

The procedure I propose for you, professional translator, to offer PDF files translation services to your clients, is the following:

    • You send me the original PDF file.
    • I export the translatable text into a tagged XML or tagged TXT file*, and create a tagged PDF file as well.
    • I analyze the fonts used, sou you may check with your client on replacements.
    • I send you the tagged file, and you translate it, leaving the tags untouched.
    • I also send you (maybe later) the picture files containing non-editable text for you to translate.
    • You send me the translated file, as well as the texts for the illustrations.
    • I import your translation into the PDF, and do all the necessary layout adjustments.
    • Eu edito as ilustrações com texto não-editável, aplicando as suas traduções.
    • You receive the finished PDF file, to deliver to your client.

It is shown on this page.

* The choice between XML and TXT is yours. In XML, the tags are red, and WordFast skips them, allowing faster translation. I was told that Trados does the same. I wouldn't know about other CAT tools. In TXT, the tags are numbers between brackets, like [267] for instance, and you'll have to go over them with the arrow keys, or replicate them on a CAT tool program.

If you need this service, please feel welcome to contact me, using the e-mail button on the left.

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