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with Adobe PageMaker® & Acrobat®, or with InFix®


Layout and graphic production of varied publications, either to create a new, translated but otherwise identical publication, or to assemble text and art into a new publication. Such pubs may be books, catalogs, leaflets, manuals, forms, usually provided in Adobe Acrobat PDF files. They may be made from printed material or PDF files.


I do desktop publishing in Portuguese, English, Italian, French, and Spanish. There are DTP professionals who do it in languages they don't understand, but it's not my case. No criticism intended to those who do it, because it's needed. However I don't need cross-reference markings (i.e. numbers to point what in the original correspond to what in the translation).

If you want an estimate on the translation between English and Portuguese, click here. If the translation involves other of the afore mentioned languages, it should be provided by the client.

WHY PageMaker?

I have been working with successive versions of this program for the past 25+ years. I know how to do whatever is needed and an the end, the software used to created the final PDF won't make any difference.

Please keep in mind that I'll be using PageMaker only if the original is provided as hard copy or scanned (non editable) material.


If the original is an editable (not scanned) PDF file, and I will be assigned the translation too, the job can be done directly using Infix, without the need for dismantling and rebuilding the publication, thus cutting costs. If an outsourced translation will be used, the job will have to be coordinated with the translator, who will work on XML files.


Please provide the information below as accurately as possible. If the originals are in Microsoft Word, or Acrobat PDF files, pack them together in a zip file (even if you are sending just one file), to send with the form. If you only send part of the publication, the estimate will pe pending on complete analysis of the job.

 Printed copy
 Galley proofs or printout
 Handwritten or typed
 Microsoft Word® DOC, DOCX, or RTF file
 Editable Adobe Acrobat® PDF file ("distilled" or "live")
 Non-editable Adobe Acrobat® PDF file (scanned)
 Other (specify below)
is complete
is a partial sample
 There is no original laid-out publication
 Common (Arial, Times, Verdana etc.)
 Special, decorated (which you will provide as OTF files)
 Special, decorated - similar ones should be used
 I don't know
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